Texas Cactus

**note: at this point, July '05, I have been documenting weekly the growth cycle of these cacti. Once the whole cycle has ended in the fall (or winter?) I will be putting the pictures up to this page. I've had fun doing this. Hopefully you'll check back, possibly November '05? I don't know yet, when the cycle will stop and when I'll finish this 'experiment'.

When my family from Wisconsin visited, we went hiking in the woods. We would occasionally come across cactus which would surprise and 'fascinate' them because they aren't used to seeing cactus out in the woods with the trees and other assorted woods-stuff. As my hiking buddy and I were leaving the park after the family visit, I saw a giant cactus at the exit and said that I wanted to photograph it for my family, because we hadn't noticed it when they were here. I wanted to stand in it to show how tall it was, instead I'm kneeling so as to make a better picture.

Since I am looking down-to-earth here, (i.e., uncombed, unclean, undone, and having just traipsed through the woods) my hiking buddy said I had the 'same earthy ambience' as Sylvana Mangano. I said, 'who's that?'

sylvana mangano
This is 'who's that'..he sent me this picture (of Sylvana Mangano). I'm not sure I see what he did, but who am I to argue?? maybe I should wear hose hiking???:) :)

Love those little white nodules. That's from where the blossoms have already fallen off.

And I loved those little bent dealies...thought it would make a neat picture.

This picture is included to show the size that these cacti can get.

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