(5) Edith Hathaway discusses the last (3rd) 2008 Presidential debate (written 15 Oct 2008 + follow-up, post debate, written 18 Oct 2008)

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Edith writes (Wednesday, 15 Oct 2008):

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The third and final U.S. Presidential debate will be held tonight in Hempstead, New York at 9:00 PM EDT, at Hofstra University. It is the first debate of the series to be held in a solid “Blue state,” guaranteed to bring in the Electoral College votes for Obama. Using the sidereal zodiac, Taurus is rising in this chart, emphasizing financial and material security – also, in general, the concept of reliability. In this presidential debate, the focus is on which candidate will be most reliable in keeping us safe and secure, especially financially. The tone is somber, due to the close aspect of Saturn to the Ascendant. Venus also aspects the Ascendant, but is already separating by 22 degrees. Thus, the more charming, light-hearted Venusian way has less influence here than Saturn, who is more associated with duty, correctness, focus, Truth, and Gravitas. Edith Hathaway on 2008 Presidential Election

Saturn’s pace is also slow and measured.  Only six months younger than 72-year-old John McCain, Moderator Bob Schieffer may well add to this Saturnian mood. Talking to Associated Press on Sunday, Oct. 12th, Schieffer said: "By now, we've all heard their talking points. We've heard the general outlines of what they are talking about. The time has come to be a little more specific. It will not embarrass me, if they go off in a different direction, to say, 'excuse me, could you focus on the question that I just asked?' "

The day is Wednesday, ruled by Mercury. Mercury in the heavens is in Virgo, its sign of exaltation. After three weeks in retrograde motion, it has turned Stationary Direct at 4:03 PM EDT on Oct. 15th, just five hours prior to the final Presidential debate. All the debates between the 2008 presidential candidates have occurred during Mercury Retrograde, as the planet went in reverse motion Sept. 24, 2008.  (This is from the point of view of the earth, and happens three times per year, approximately every three months.) During Mercury Retrograde, there are often mix-ups or confusion with both communications and travel. Paper work may need an extra amount of correcting, though in the process – previous errors may be discovered which can then be corrected. Old issues may resurface, with a chance to resolve them. People from the past can also reappear suddenly.

For instance, the GOP has recently re-introduced Bill Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah Wright into their anti-Obama attacks, saying that these topics have not been properly explored, and create an aura of “doubt” around Obama. (More later on the question of Ayers.)  A frequent GOP rally question has been: “Who is the real Barack Obama?” The effect has been a consistent fostering of fear, hatred and ridicule at many campaign rallies. Nor have McCain or Palin done much to quell or condemn this trend, though they have been reprimanded for not doing so.

As a counter measure, the Obama campaign finally found it necessary to bring up the Keating Five Scandal, in which John McCain was reprimanded, along with four other U.S. Senators, in the Savings and Loan scandal and larger banking crisis of the late 1980s and early 1990s. (Each senator was cited for improper intervention in protecting Charles H. Keating, Jr. Chairman of the Lincoln Savings & Loan Association. Keating wanted preferential treatment by bank regulators. His bank subsequently failed and was seized by the U.S. govt.) Given our current banking crisis, this matter is especially poignant now, even though McCain has expressed remorse in the past for his actions in this regard.

Mercury in this chart is at 13:35 Virgo, approaching its degree of maximum exaltation at 15:00 Virgo, and still hovering on the Stationary Direct degree – considered very potent for all matters related to Mercury: the rational mind and intellect, the ability to discriminate; communications, the media, business, trade, technology, publishing and writing.

As planetary lord of the day, Mercury is situated well in the 5th house of this chart. The 5th house includes the realm of education, but also of financial speculation. With exalted Mercury in this house, the focus is on who has the mental ability, as well as the advisers with the best mental ability, education and experience to deal with the current unprecedented crisis. In addition, with Mercury’s influence as Day lord, and close to maximum exaltation, there could be some rather memorable remarks made by one or both candidates. Even the questions, or the Moderator may enter this realm.

Amidst all this serious, rational talk we have transiting Moon opposite tr. Mars. Moon is in Aries opposite Mars in Libra. The Moon-Mars contact heats up the discussion, and their mutual opposition indicates a direct confrontation of some kind. According to one advance report, the candidates will be seated at a table facing one another. This is already an opposition in physical terms, and we know that McCain has promised his supporters to be very aggressive, and to bring up Ayers. The candidates have also requested that air conditioning vents be directly above each of them (Saturn is cold), so neither of them will be caught sweating. In fall 1960, this was Nixon’s downfall in his first debate with John F. Kennedy, who won points for looking cool and elegant, and remaining so under pressure.

However, since tr. Moon is in the hidden 12th house of the Debate chart, the level of confrontation may be more veiled. The problem will be in bringing to the surface latent hostilities, as the tr. Moon of the Debate chart is in the 12th house of hidden things, of concerns which cannot or will not let themselves be fully seen, and thus endure as worries and fears. The 12th house is a house of the past, and the Moon is not well situated there. It is also a house of foreign residence, and concerns such matters. Though I have said the most recent presidential debate was the decisive one for the public – if this debate has any major purpose, that purpose is to deal precisely with those worries and fears that remain hidden, and thus potentially exaggerated and unresolved.

Along these lines, Obama has said that McCain should have the courage to direct some of his accusations to his face. Much of the McCain campaign momentum for the past several weeks has depended on attacking Obama’s “close connection” to terrorists, such as Bill Ayers of Chicago – an accusation which has never been substantiated. Obama has also publicly condemned Ayers’ actions in 1960s as “detestable.” According to Obama's senior adviser Anita Dunn, Ayers has long worked for educational reform in Chicago. “What they [the GOP] are arguing is that somehow the fact that these two people, who both served as educational reformers in Chicago, both who did have their paths cross professionally as well as neighbors occasionally, that somehow this association is a problem because of Bill Ayers' past and things that happened in the 1960s when Barack Obama was 7 years old." (CNN.Politics.com, Oct. 15, 2008)

The GOP campaign has focused increasingly on Obama’s alleged Muslim background and ties, stirring up fears that Obama is “foreign,” and “Arab” or “Muslim” – and that therefore something bad will happen to America if he becomes President. Though they have been advised to tone them down, the McCain-Palin campaign rallies continue to produce outcries of “Kill him! Kill him” – in reference to Obama.  Palin, in particular, seems to engender these rallying cries, as she continues to attack Obama for his foreignness and his failure to fully answer questions about his alleged ties to “terrorists.”

Regarding Obama’s “foreign-ness,” the GOP campaign has even continued to sow the seeds of doubt as to Obama’s place of birth, and the validity of his birth certificate. However, the Obama birth certificate has been on the Internet for months, and the candidate made it available online to stop the rumors.  Fact checkers have verified its authenticity and checked the seal with authorities in Hawaii.  What is arresting, however, is recent new information that appears to cast some doubt on whether McCain’s birth occurred within U.S. jurisdiction in the Panama Canal Zone. His birth certificate has recently appeared with a different time from that given from his mother’s memory (9 AM). This new time is 6:25 PM EDT, and has the imprint of the Panama Railroad Company.

Using the new birth time, McCain would have Aquarius Ascendant in his birth chart, with natal Saturn in the Ascendant opposite natal Sun. If this birth time proves correct, and Obama’s is correct as given (7:24 PM HST), then both candidates have Saturn-ruled charts (Obama has Capricorn Ascendant), both with Saturn in the Ascendant opposite Sun. Both men have the destiny to challenge the Status quo. But one could say that as a Republican, McCain’s true moment for challenging his party was when he ran for President in 2000, and was soundly defeated by George W. Bush. He was lauded at the time for being a true Maverick within his party, whereas now – his claims to bring something different from the previous 8 years do not ring true.

Obama’s announcement of his candidacy on Feb. 10, 2007 had an exact Saturn-Sun opposition, and on Election day 2008, tr. Saturn exactly opposite Uranus evokes the same themes. The Status quo is being challenged, and it will be almost impossible for the party in power to hang on to its former dominance, especially given the power of the Saturn cycle from November 1980. (For more on this, please read Edith2, or listen to the audio file of my Aug. 9, 2008 lecture.)

The Moon indicates where the mind is focused. Situated in the 12th house of the Debate chart, the focus is on the past, on our fears, on foreign affairs and/or that which is foreign. This theme could dominate the first 22 minutes in some way, and be an underlying theme for the entire debate. It also resonates with Saturn as a dominant influence, as Saturn rules over the past. Mercury rules over young people and their concerns, especially education, being in the 5th house of education. The “Debate-winner” here will show the most Gravitas, and at the same time be the most eloquent, given Mercury’s exalted status at this time.

At 9:22 PM EDT, or 22 minutes into the debate, the Taurus Ascendant of the Debate chart shifts to the sign of Gemini, where it remains for the remainder of the debate, receiving an aspect from benefic Jupiter in the 7th house. Since not only Saturn, but Mars aspects the Taurus Ascendant, we might expect the fiercest exchanges between the candidates in that first 22 minutes. (Mars can aspect houses 1,4,7,and 8 from itself.) These are the two major malefic planets, whose actions can be the harshest. We also have the explosive power of Moon opposite Mars across Houses 6-12, where what is not said may be as potent as what is said. After 9:22 PM we might see a lessening of overt attacks, and more gentlemanly treatment of each other, especially given Jupiter’s direct aspect.

The backdrop of tonight’s debate has today’s New York Times reporting Obama winning 53% of Likely Voters to McCain’s 39%. This is a dramatic change from Obama’s 48% to McCain’s 45% on Oct. 6th, the day before the last presidential debate - which I believe was decisive for Obama. In the interim, we had a week of ever increasing anti-Obama attacks by the McCain-Palin team. They may have succeeded in turning more people away from the GOP ticket. They too have said they were “offended” by various Obama or Obama supporter statements. But nothing in American political campaign history parallels the dark tone at McCain-Palin rallies, or the dark and somber mood of the nation, at a time when over 85% of voters think the country is going in the wrong direction, and 80% do not trust the government to do the right thing, according to the latest New York Times poll.  Global stock markets have been gyrating wildly, with the Dow Jones average falling 550 points today.

Using the sidereal zodiac, the transiting Sun changes signs of the zodiac at the middle of the month. Tr. Sun tonight is at 29:03 Virgo, and will move into Libra in another 24 hours. In late Virgo, the sign lord of the Sun is near to its maximum exaltation. This is possibly another confirmation that we will hear the words we need to hear tonight from the two men contesting the U.S. Presidency.

The Sun (and Mars) are key short term timing significators for a number of things, including financial markets. When they change signs, we take note at a number of levels. These are the days when Sun or Mars are in the very last degrees, and/or very first degrees of a sign. These days are more changeable in terms of weather and tone. The Sun shows us where major energy is occurring, and when it is in transition between signs, its direction of energy may be either confusing, or extra intense. Note the sudden switch of Christopher Buckley’s position on Oct. 14, 2008, as described later on. Even tonight, we could observe a sudden switch in energy, even as Saturn tries to keep a firm grip on events.

The Sun is considered debilitated in Libra, and it is significant that October is a month that is associated with stock market crashes or problems. The crash of 1929 occurred on Oct. 29, 1929 – a Tuesday (Mars-ruled day) – often dubbed “Black Tuesday.” **  Even so, we shouldn’t assume October is always a bad month financially, though it has often been a volatile month for the stock market. In fact, the stock market crash of 1987 was the largest one-day stock market crash in history. It occurred on October 19, 1987, called “Black Monday.” The Dow lost 22.6% of its value or $500 billion dollars. Therefore, historically, we could say that in these weeks leading into the Election, with tr. Sun in Libra, the financial markets may continue to be volatile. This obviously benefits Obama, and a change in party leadership.

With Saturn’s prominent role in tonight’s debate, the focus is on who will best provide continuity to the traditional values of the American people. Saturn is a planet about tradition as well as democracy. And yet it too is being challenged currently, especially with the new 7-year Mars dasa in the USA chart, starting Sept. 27, 2008. Mars is a youthful and more aggressive planet. In this light, and with the end of a 28-year dominant cycle, we see the daily implosion of long-term Republican policies, even the constant defection of prominent conservative pundits and supporters. One remarkable example is Christopher Buckley, son of the late archconservative William Buckley, who founded the magazine, The National Review. Yesterday, Christopher Buckley publicly endorsed Barack Obama, and resigned from the magazine. He made the following statement in The Huffington Post:

“…Conservatives have always had a bit of trouble with the concept of diversity. The GOP likes to say it's a big-tent. Looks more like a yurt to me. While I regret this development, I am not in mourning, for I no longer have any clear idea what, exactly, the modern conservative movement stands for. Eight years of ‘conservative’ government has brought us a doubled national debt, ruinous expansion of entitlement programs, bridges to nowhere, poster boy Jack Abramoff and an ill-premised, ill-waged war conducted by politicians of breathtaking arrogance. As a sideshow, it brought us a truly obscene attempt at federal intervention in the Terry Schiavo case. So, to paraphrase a real conservative, Ronald Reagan: I haven't left the Republican Party. It left me.”

**[Footnote: As we noted from the Oct. 7, 2008 debate, the color of Mars is red Saturn’s color is black, also dark blue. On the positive side, Mars is exalted in. Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, where its youthful energy is tempered with Saturn’s great capacity for discipline and organization.]

Oct. 18, 2008 DEBATE FOLLOW-UP by Edith Hathaway

[Note: the video and transcript of the entire debate is available from The New York Times. (One hour, 30 minutes.)]

The third presidential debate Oct. 15th was viewed by at least 38.3% of households, according to Nielsen ratings (which does not include PBS). I have said the previous debate would be the most decisive of the three presidential debates. And if measurable by viewership, that debate also had the largest audience of the three presidential debates. The Oct. 7th debate was watched by 42.1% of households, compared to 34.7% of households for the 1st debate Sept. 26th and the 3rd one at 38.3%. Though it was the last debate prior to the election, it was also competing with a major baseball game, #5 of the National League. And by comparison to the Oct. 7th debate, it did not have the astrological signature of a large audience or general significance. Even so, there were markers that made it the most interesting of Obama/McCain debates for some people.

First of all, as predicted, the rationality of Mercury mostly prevailed, as did the discipline of Saturn.  Saturn showed its dominance in many ways at the Oct. 15 debate. Moderator Bob Schieffer was seated nearer the candidates than any Moderator in the previous debates. Aided by this factor, the format used, and Schieffer’s persona, he was able to keep a tight rein on the proceedings. He was stricter with the candidates in terms of their allotted time slots for answering questions and follow-up, and he was very pointed and direct in his questions. Of all the debates this fall, including the VP debate, this was the one most obviously under the moderator’s control, although McCain was not always controllable, and interrupted Obama on numerous occasions when it was Obama’s turn to speak. In one such instance, Schieffer asked McCain if he had a question. He did not. He was only commenting on Obama’s comments. Obama stuck with the rules, as has been his custom. Because of these more Saturnian constrictions, McCain seemed to grow more and more physically and mentally uncomfortable.

Obama, who appeared calm, poised, clear, and not reactive to McCain’s many jabs, won Instant polls by a wide margin. As before, many viewers were put off by McCain’s ongoing aggressive tactics, though he was less condescending than in previous debates. In a CBS survey of uncommitted voters, 53% of them believed Obama won compared with 22% for McCain.  About 24% considered it a draw. CNN polls gave the debate to Obama, 58% to 31%. A Focus group in Kansas City, Missouri went strongly for Obama. They regarded “tone” as a big problem for McCain. (Missouri is known as a bellwether state, having voted in the person to be elected U.S. President every time but one since 1900.)

In Vedic astrology Mercury and Mars are considered planetary enemies. Thus on a Wednesday, ruled by Mercury, Mars is more of an underdog. Furthermore, on a day when transiting Mercury is not only in its sign of exaltation, but also Stationary Direct and very close (1 ½ degrees) to its point of maximum exaltation, high level communication will trump more aggressive communication or actions, associated with Mars. While it’s true that fiery Mars can ignite and inspire Mercury (witness John F. Kennedy – with his close Mars-Mercury conjunction in Aries), even so this is about the broader themes of Mercury versus those of Mars.

If you watched the debate on CNN’s split screen, you saw both candidates throughout the debate. The result was that McCain’s reaction shots seemed to have the most negative impact on him. “Before the half way point, McCain’s excitement and spiritedness devolved into anger, discomfort, grimacing.” (Rachel Maddow, interviewed by David Gregory on MSNBC’s Post-Debate analysis).

On the same program, television journalist Andrea Mitchell commented on how angry and negative McCain was, that he “was much more aggressive and probably won on points,” a sentiment echoed earlier by conservative pundit Pat Buchanan. Former McCain campaign advisor and GOP pundit Mike Murphy also weighed in on MSNBC: “I don’t think he [McCain] hit a home run… [but] he didn’t have a big loss of any kind…[It was] definitely an improved performance.”

Democratic spokesperson Harold Ford said: “Look, Senator Obama has the lead. He approached this debate as if he was out front…. I think on two critical issues Barack made some headway. Number one on the personal attacks: he answered as clearly and as cogently as I’ve heard any of his responses about this Bill Ayers stuff and about some of these negative attacks. And it made John McCain look defensive and uneven and even ‘erratic’ – to borrow the terminology used by the Obama campaign. Number two on the issue of health care and economic policy: Barack not only wanted to go back to those issues, I think he differentiated himself for the second time on health care, which clearly is a critical issue in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, and some of the states where he is trying to put in a coalition… I think you’d have to score Obama as the winner this evening.” (on MSNBC Post-Debate coverage)

At 9:22 PM EDT, the Taurus Ascendant shifted to Gemini. Exactly at that moment, McCain said to Obama: “I am not President Bush. If you want to run against President Bush, you should have run four years ago.” He also made further statements attacking Obama’s leadership position and voting record, and said how he [McCain] had fought against spending. Conservative pundit Mike Murphy considered McCain’s “I am not President Bush”… “the high point of the debate.” Other conservative commentators referred to it as McCain’s best zinger of the night. But it quickly backfired. Obama campaign TV ads aired within 12 hours using footage of McCain saying he had voted with Bush more than 90% of the time. Obama’s debate comeback was also strong: ”… On the core economic issues – taxes, energy… you have been a vigorous supporter of President Bush…. When it comes to economic policies, you are proposing the same thing that we’ve had for eight years.”

I had said that with Jupiter’s direct influence on the Gemini Ascendant after 9:22 PM, this should create a more civilized tone. But I underestimated the influence of tr. Moon as it shifted into a more visible position in the 11th house. Though there is an overlay of 12th house Moon themes from the 9:00 PM opening chart, the Gemini Ascendant from 9:22 PM EDT (until 11:44 PM EDT) put tr. Moon even further above the horizon. Thus, the Moon’s close opposition to Mars continued to feature the theme of direct confrontation. (Though planets in the 12th house are technically above the horizon in physical terms, they are considered relatively hidden in astrological terms, as the 12th house is one of hidden things.)

Instead of 9:22 PM EDT marking the drop-off of confrontational themes, it seemed to mark the beginning of them, though hidden issues between the campaigns will continue through the election. McCain even seemed to keep himself slightly more in check up to 9:22 PM. Here is one commentator: “McCain I thought for the first half hour was pretty impressive…. There was a certain point where the calm element went away and he was twitching and he was angry. That’s when he lost it.” (Canadian actor Martin Short, on Bill Maher’s Real Time on HBO, Oct. 17, 2008) This is corroborated by Rachel Maddow’s remark quoted earlier.

By 9:25 PM EDT Moderator Bob Schieffer was already entering some of the most delicate territory, asking each candidate to answer charges from the other on some of the most negative personal attacks. This included Obama having to repudiate John Lewis’s remarks likening McCain and his VP candidate Sarah Palin to George Wallace. Obama said that George Lewis was not an advisor to his campaign, nor did he work for them in any capacity. Obama then faced McCain head-on with some of the shout-outs at McCain-Palin rallies that have gone mostly unrepudiated and unacknowledged. These include cries of “Kill him! Kill him!” and also “traitor” and “terrorist” – when Obama’s name is mentioned. In addition, Obama’s middle name Hussein is often used to stress his father’s Muslim origins in Kenya – though his father left in 1963 when Barack was two years old - and to raise up the specter of the candidate himself as a “bogey man.”

For his part, McCain defended the people at his rallies, saying that similar things happened at Obama rallies. (If so, it has not been reported. Obama has instead discouraged people at his rallies from even booing McCain, urging them instead to “Go vote.”) McCain also indicated his campaign felt justified in continuing to ask questions about Obama’s past, especially his alleged past “associations with terrorists.” McCain admitted that Bill Ayers was “a washed-up terrorist,” and vowed not to discuss it any more himself. Yet his campaign has by no means dropped the subject, and has even escalated it with Robo-calls and campaign mailers. In massive Robo-calls unleashed Oct. 16th, they made this statement: “U.S. Senator Barack Obama works with terrorists to kill Americans.” (The far better-funded Obama campaign has countered, at least in terms of volume, by spending 4 to 1 what McCain spends on television ads as of Oct. 2008.) Themes of “pro-America” versus “anti-America” continue to abound in the McCain campaign, raising the question of whether Obama and the Democrats may be “anti-America,” since they may not be “pro-America,” however this might be determined by McCain supporters. 

But as many commentators agreed: “The only thing he [McCain] has left is to attack, [saying] ‘You can’t trust Obama. You don’t know him.’” (Mark Halperin on Charlie Rose on PBS, Post-Debate analysis Oct. 15, 2008)  This is borne out by the far larger margin of negative ads consistently used in the McCain campaign. Such themes are amply illustrated by the 12th house Moon opposite Mars from the 9:00 PM EDT debate chart. In my preview of the Oct. 15th event, I had said this would be an overlay of the entire debate: the investigation of what is foreign about the other person, or what needs to be unearthed for some reason.

More issues representing 12th house Moon opposite 6th house Mars may end up being key in this election. Moon symbolizes women, and the 6th house concerns health and/or litigation. Mars opposing the Moon puts women’s health issues into debatable territory. The issue of abortion was among the key hot topics during the latter part of the debate. It already is controversial in the USA, at least among the “Religious Right.” Obama defended a woman’s right to choose, especially if continuing a pregnancy endangers her health. But McCain’s response could hurt him with the women’s vote. Using air quotes over the opening phrase, he said: “The ‘Health of the mother’ has been stretched by the Pro-Abortion movement. That’s been stretched – health.” He also made it clear that any potential nominee he would consider for the U.S. Supreme Court would not  be one who supported Roe vs. Wade, protecting a woman’s right to an abortion if she so chooses. McCain may have seriously alienated a lot of women in the way he answered this question, if they weren’t already concerned about Roe vs. Wade being rescinded. In any case, he has voted consistently with most Republicans against Family Planning that involves any form of conventional birth control methods. This may account for why the U.S. now has the highest number of unintended pregnancies among industrialized nations, and thus a far weakened role in helping poorer nations with Family Planning.

McCain mentioned the name of “Joe the Plumber” 21 times during the debate. Although at the time it sounded like a good Republican solution for appearing populist and in touch with “the ordinary working man,” fact checks quickly showed a different story. “Joe the plumber” isn’t even a plumber but a contractor. He has no possibility of buying a business worth $250,000 (it is worth $100,000), and would be better served by Obama’s tax plan, as he makes only $42,000 per year. It even turns out “Joe” owes a lot of taxes and doesn’t like to pay them. He is a darling of the Right Wing talk shows, and not an undecided voter, as he was presented.  In general, when fact checkers weighed in on the Oct. 15 debate, they found numerous errors by McCain, who later said he considered “Joe” the winner of the debate, and addressed many of his remarks to him at the debate. But “Joe the Plumber” is perhaps most emblematic of a typical GOP strategy: a fantasy that serves the moment, but has very little substance to it. Witness the largely invented story of Army Private Jessica Lynch’s rescue in Iraq in spring 2003.  With the influence of rational Mercury and disciplined Saturn on the night of the debate, it’s hard to get away for long with this kind of fantasy talk. All but die-hard McCain supporters are unlikely to be convinced by “Joe.”

A much lighter tone was struck at the annual Al Smith Memorial Fundraiser dinner Thurs. night Oct. 16th in New York City, when speeches are required to be funny. And among tuxedoed guests all in a good mood, both presidential candidates scored big laughs in their back-to-back addresses. But now, the push is on to endure and press for a win in the final stretch to the Nov. 4th election. Obama has the lead, even in several battle ground states. He may even have some chance of gaining formerly Red states. His estimated Electoral College votes are in a good position to assure him of the election, if all goes smoothly in the voting process – which many are nervous about – especially with the numerous anomalies of the past several elections. But in astrological terms, the cycles are overwhelmingly in Obama’s favor. Even so, he must stay vigilant to the end. And as Bill Maher said on Larry King Live, as they both viewed the Al Smith dinner Oct. 16th: “Obama is the Jackie Robinson of Politics… He has to be perfect. He can’t make any mistakes.”

FOOTNOTE: This is for those asking whether McCain’s reported new birth time (of 6:25 PM EDT in Colon, Panama) changes my opinion on the outcome of this election. No, it does not. I still think Obama will win the presidency on Nov. 4th, 2008, and that he will be inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2009. (See my description of the Inauguration chart at Edith2.) The Democratic Party is also likely to do well overall in this election.

I haven't done exhaustive work on this new birth chart, but if you read (or hear on audio file) my analyses of larger cycles at this website, you will see how I consider those more definitive in assessing an election. This is especially true since a politician’s birth data can be unreliable, at times deliberately so. However, a candidate's birth chart should look like he or she is going to ascend to the Presidency.  With the 6:25 PM time, McCain would have entered a new 16-year Dasa (planetary period) on Dec. 2, 2006, in this case his Mercury dasa. Mercury is situated in his 8th house in the new chart, and though exalted in Virgo, a Dasa lord in the 8th house is not considered auspicious for high visibility.

In the Navamsa (9th harmonic) chart, Mercury is debilitated in the 3rd house, aspected by two malefics, Mars & Saturn. When someone ascends to such a powerful position, the Dasa lord should ideally be in an angular or trinal house in either birth chart or Navamsa chart, and preferably both. Both Obama and McCain have natal Saturn in the Ascendant opposite natal Sun. This combination tends to bring a destiny of challenging the Status quo, as I have said elsewhere at this website. McCain did that in 2000, and is trying to do a repeat performance of his Maverick role. But in 2008, a total shift is due from the party in dominant power since 1980, and Obama more accurately fits that challenger role. (Again, please read Edith2 or download the Aug. 9, 2008 lecture on Edith1, as both give more detail.)

Transiting Saturn in the 8th house from McCain’s natal Moon in Capricorn is not auspicious for his victory, through Sept. 10, 2009. (VP candidate Palin also has Moon in Capricorn.) Then, if McCain’s Aquarius Ascendant is correct, tr. Saturn moves into the 8th house from his Ascendant, also not usually auspicious. Obama has that running now, if Capricorn Ascendant is correct for him.  But there can be exceptions to the usual rule, it seems, when the individual is inheriting a wartime leadership position. This was true of Winston Churchill on May 1940 when he was appointed Prime Minister of Great Britain. He had Virgo Ascendant, and tr. Saturn was in Aries in his 8th house, along with Jupiter.

With Sun opposite Saturn, there are themes of one generation challenging another, especially father and son. Apropos this theme, and the changing of the guard due to the 28-year mark from Nov. 1980 coming up soon, it is timely that Christopher Buckley is prominent right now in the news. See the link below.

Buckley Says Father Would Be `Dismayed' by McCain's Campaign Bloomberg - Fri Oct 17, 2:05 PM ET

Last month Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz made comments that  echo some of my statements on the approaching end of Republican Party dominance since 1980.  Speaking of the de-regulation policies that came in strongly with the Reagan era, Stiglitz said: “The fall of Wall Street [in fall 2008] is to market fundamentalism what the Berlin Wall was to Communism….  If there is a statue to be dropped, it’s the statue of Ronald Reagan.”

Stiglitz: The Fall of Wall Street Is to Market Fundamentalism What the Fall of the Berlin Wall Was to Communism   (interview by Nathan Gardels at The Huffington Post, Sept. 16, 2008)

Symbolism works in strange ways. On Oct. 15, 2008, the day of the last presidential debate, Nancy Reagan, 87, fell and broke her pelvis. She is recovering in the hospital, and I certainly wish her a smooth and speedy recovery.

Copyright  © 2008 Edith Hathaway. All rights reserved.

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