(2) Edith Hathaway predicts the 2008 presidential election (September 22 '08 written update to August '08 lecture, now including vice presidential discussion, economic crisis, etc)

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Edith writes (22 September 2008):

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Senator Barack Obama is the first U.S. Presidential candidate to fill a huge stadium to capacity. In his case, there were some 80,000 cheering supporters, 60,000 of whom had snapped up tickets within the first 24 hours. Even so, his triumphant acceptance speech on Thurs. night Aug. 28, 2008 was soon overtaken in the news cycle by McCain’s announcement the next morning of his selection of a Vice presidential candidate. Since the American public tends to live by news cycles, especially for politics, suddenly we had the dominance of the Palin phenomenon.Edith Hathaway on 2008 presidential election

Let us examine the event of Sarah Palin’s announcement astrologically. Though a few astrologers focus on the importance of acceptance speeches, I rate them as low in importance in terms of judging how the candidate will do in the election. Of greater importance is the first thrust of their candidacy, or an announcement. Next in importance are the cycles leading up to Election day, but even more pivotal is the Inauguration day chart. Of still greater importance for the larger picture are the Jupiter-Saturn cycle charts. Altogether this gives us a truer sense of what is happening, independent from the rush and excitement of the shorter news cycles.

As their first woman VP candidate, Sarah Palin, Gov. of Alaska, has galvanized the Republicans. A huge battle is to be expected prior to the U.S. presidential election Nov. 4, 2008, along with surprises like the "Trojan Moose" - as some call her.

Palin’s birth data has become known: Feb. 11, 1964, *16:40, Sandpoint, Idaho. She has a Vedic Ascendant of 26:13 Cancer (sidereal zodiac). John McCain first announced her as his VP choice on his 72nd birthday. It was Aug. 29 at 10:32 AM EDT in Dayton, OH. This chart has 23:35 Virgo Ascendant. The Moon was very dim, being towards the very end of its waning cycle, 30 hours prior to the New Moon at 13:49 Leo, in Purva Phalguni nakshatra, ruled by Venus, and associated with marriage. This was indeed the political marriage McCain needed to energize his supporters. * [Sept. 30, 2008: The 16:40 birth time for Sarah Palin has not been confirmed by birth records, but is only a speculative time used by some astrologers. Apologies for this oversight. As of the Sept. 30th update, I have used a generic 12 noon time for Palin, as her birth time is still unknown.  EH]

McCain had been his party's presumptive presidential nominee since March 4, 2008, but waited six months, until the last 48 hours to interview his pick for VP. They had met a total of two times. He selected her just prior to his party's convention, and in time to hopefully eclipse the effects of the Democratic Convention. At the time of the announcement, transiting Moon was at 26:55 Cancer, and near Ketu, the south Lunar node. When the Moon (or any planet) is in the last 3 degrees 20 minutes of a water sign, it is considered to be difficult, unfathomable, and even treacherous, as there is a complete break between the two signs. Not even a nakshatra carries over. The tr. Moon also does not aspect any other planet before leaving the sign of Cancer. A waning Moon in and of itself may not negate an announcement, but when it is waning to this extent, it does not give sufficient energy to the project that has just been newly announced. Tr. Moon on the Rahu-Ketu (eclipse) axis can bring emotional hype and turbulence, along with the difficulties described in late Cancer. The constellation of Ashlesha (16:40 to 30:00 Cancer) is ruled by Mercury, and Sarpa – the snake. It can excel at psychological understanding, as well as manipulation.

Palin’s experience and record while in office has already started to be scrutinized. And though she has already lied about numerous facts - such as whether she supported Alaska’s “Bridge to Nowhere” – her policy has been to continue to repeat these lies, and to deny the correctness of the accusations. She has also given several versions of the same story, such as her response to being tapped for VP. Her publicity has generally been favorable, so long as her public doesn’t check for accuracy, or pay attention to the journalists whose job it is to investigate such matters. She says she is as “ready” for the national Vice Presidency as any previous candidate. While her qualifications continue to be questioned, this brings out more of her feistiness, which in turn is admired by many, especially women yearning to see a woman elected to high office.

Palin was a City Councilwoman for four years and Mayor for six years in the town of Wasilla, Alaska. Its population was less than 5,000 when she was first elected mayor in 1996. That is much less than 1/10th the size of the Chicago suburb of Evanston, IL. When she was re-elected in 1999, Sarah Palin received 826 votes. Alaska may be “the largest State in the ‘Union” - in terms of gross (not even habitable) landmass, but, its population is less than 700,000. That’s between the population of Charlotte, VA and Milwaukee, WI and less than 1/4 the size of Chicago. Alaska is the least densely populated state in the union and has virtually no African-Americans or Latinos. Due largely to its oil revenues, Alaska enjoys budget surpluses. Palin has been its governor for 20 months. Her politics appear to be to the Right of John McCain, and even more in line with those of G.W. Bush.

McCain does not seem to do well on the campaign trail unless his (much younger) wife is in the immediate background, within the actual picture frame. And if he campaigns without Sarah Palin, he also draws far less enthusiasm and far smaller crowds. Thus Palin is crucial to his campaign. But though she may appear to be rising like a meteor, the astrology indicates there is something excessive here which could burn out just as quickly. Though she is quite believable to many people – especially Republican supporters - some facts about her may emerge very quickly which will erode the positive publicity she initially received. In spite of her rapid rise and her general popularity, there is something either really deceptive and/or excessive that could bring her down, and NOT bring her to the 2nd Highest Office of the land. For instance, the Alaskan “Trooper-Gate case” – which the McCain campaign has used every effort to shut down – will continue as planned. This was a case begun in August 2008, and unanimously voted on by the Alaska legislature. For Alaska, it is an unprecedented case related to an alleged abuse of power by a governor – Gov. Palin.  A decision is promised by October 10th, even though 16 subpoenas have been issued and subsequently ignored through the Palin-McCain influence – a reminder of the G.W. Bush administration policies in refusing to honor the legality of subpoenas.

Palin is currently in Jupiter-Venus dasa until late December  2008. Though they are in a good house (9th house) in her birth chart, the tendency for excess is also present. This is due to the nature of Venus and Jupiter when together, or overly reinforcing each other. There are many indications that she is extremely fierce in her determination to gain positions of leadership and power, especially with four planets in Capricorn, and Mars and Saturn close to the Sun in the adjacent sign of Aquarius. Even so, in my opinion, her timing does not favor gaining the ultimate prize of the VP spot so close to the White House.

My election prognosis: According to my personal thesis on the 2008 Election, the political party that has dominated for the past 28 years – a full Saturn cycle – is not likely to continue in power this coming Election day. Neither are they likely to cede power easily. (I have lectured on this topic from early Feb. through Aug. 2008, in north San Diego, CA, Denver, CO, and Santa Fe, NM.) Reviewing the Jupiter-Saturn cycles and the U.S. Presidential election cycles from 1920, I have developed this historical and astrological theme. From this I have predicted the likelihood of the Democrats taking back the White House in 2008, using as the starting point the election of Ronald Reagan in Nov. 1980, which coincided with powerful Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in Virgo. These conjunctions have to occur in an angular or trinal house of the USA chart (Sagittarius Ascendant).  Also, the election and/or inauguration should occur within weeks or at most a few months of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions. Though the two terms of Bill Clinton brought in some changed policies, essentially they changed nothing of the Republican dominance, and were irrevocably reversed by George W. Bush’s two terms, taking us up to Nov. 2008. Because of this factor, I did not think Hillary Clinton would become either Presidential of Vice-Presidential candidate of the Democratic party. There are also factors in her natal chart indicating this (using a Vedic late Libra Ascendant, or just before 8 AM). But even with the known controversy regarding her birth time, I considered her candidacy as too strong a link to the previous 28-year cycle.

Election day charts have seldom yielded decisive results, in and of themselves, in part due to the question of when and where they begin. You can use Dixville Notch, NH at midnight on Election day, but that is not totally satisfactory either. However, the Inauguration chart is much more significant. If you examine the Inauguration chart on Jan. 20,2009 at 12:00 noon for Washington, DC, you will see Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, and Rahu all in Capricorn in the 10th house. This planetary configuration describes Obama, and whoever is his VP - symbolized by Jupiter - will be outshone by Obama himself, since Jupiter is closely combust the Sun. Joe Biden fits this picture. He also accepts being advisor out-of-the-primary-limelight, and is closely aligned with Obama at all levels.

If you look at McCain and Palin, she outshines him in terms of presenting herself, and far fewer people show up at McCain rallies when she is not present. Even if they are together, when she speaks first, the crowd starts to leave as soon as she has finished. It is clear they are coming mainly to see Palin, and that is not correctly describing the planetary configuration in the 10th house on Inauguration Day. Sun & Mercury are very tight, indicating brilliant speech, with Jupiter 3 degrees ahead of the Sun. Transiting Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn as well as combust the Sun. Transiting Jupiter is in its return position in Obama's chart, which as his Dasa lord should be highly favorable. His natal Jupiter is at 7:32 Capricorn, and tr. Jupiter on Inauguration Day is at 9:32 Capricorn, both in the nakshatra of Uttara Ashada, meaning "the Later Victor."  On Election day, coincidentally, tr. Moon remains in Uttara Ashada nakshatra most of the day.

The upcoming Presidential debate on Sept. 26th will be held at 8:00 PM in Oxford, MS.  It should be reasonably civilized, with tr. Venus and Jupiter both aspecting the Ascendant in sidereal Aries. Tr. Moon approaching Saturn in Leo in the 5th house will probably keep the discussion somber, especially on economic matters. Since this tr. Moon is in the 8th house from John McCain’s natal Moon, the event is less advantageous for him.  He has some added physical energy, with tr. Sun close to his natal Ascendant, though his Ascendant lord Mercury is in retrograde motion in late Virgo. The total combination could lead to McCain’s being less than careful on his feet, being overanxious to boost his standing. If Capricorn is the correct Ascendant for Obama, the tr. Moon and Saturn are also not ideal for him in the 8th house from his Ascendant. But we would have to say that even worse is having both Moon and Saturn transiting in the 8th house from natal Moon. Therefore, we would expect to see McCain do less well in this debate, even though Mississippi is solid Republican territory. The major vulnerability in this state is the Bush administration weakness in its response to Hurricane Katrina.

On the financial front, during this same week (Tuesday and Wed., Sept. 23 and 24), U.S. Congressional hearings are taking place on the proposed $700 billion bailout of the country’s banking system. Though only in office through Jan. 20, 2009, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson wants immediate action and sweeping emergency powers. But the astrological timing indicates some delays and reversals, as tr. Mercury is about to turn retrograde in late Virgo on Sept. 24th, slowing down the process. Also, there is a waning Moon, and tr. Mars moves out of a Graha Yuddha (planetary war) with Mercury as of Thurs. Sept. 25th. This is also when tr. Mars separates from Mercury in Virgo and moves into the next sign of Libra, indicating a shift away from the more heated and urgent communications typical of both Mercury and Mars in late Virgo. Some short-term pressure remains through Oct. 3rd, with tr. Mercury still in Chitra, a Mars-owned nakshatra. And tr. Mars is in Chitra through Oct. 5th, though in the Libra portion of the nakshatra.

Moreover, along with all this financial upheaval, the USA chart enters a new dasa on Sept. 27th, 2008 – the 7-year Mars dasa. (I use July 4, 1776, 6:30 PM LMT, Philadelphia, PA, with 8:59 Sagittarius rising.) This marks the end of a 10-year Moon dasa. The tail end of a dasa can bring greater turbulence in many areas, especially financially, and to banks and real estate in particular. In the USA chart Moon rules the 8th house of debt, taxation, and financial relations with foreign countries. Mars dasa should bring some improvement in this area, especially in the area of technology and innovation through technology. Though America’s current financial woes are not over, there are new solutions to old problems. The last Mars dasa occurred between Sept. 25, 1888 and Sept. 26, 1895. Bank failures occurred at that time due to over-speculation, especially related to railroads. New approaches to transportation also came into being, especially via the automobile, including the first successful automobile powered by gasoline. In 1893 the Duryea brothers set up the first American car manufacturing company.  There were no major wars in this period, though there was the threat of war, often exaggerated through sensational journalism.

Copyright  © 2008 Edith Hathaway. All rights reserved.

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