(6) Edith Hathaway, astrologer, gives 2008 post presidential election thoughts (written 5 Nov 2008)

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Edith Hathaway writes (5 Nov 2008):

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Last night Barack Obama was elected 44th President of the United States by a decisive margin of 52.3% to McCain’s 46.2%, changing the electoral map of the USA, and winning an even greater number of Congressional seats for the Democrats.  Obama won by 349 Electoral College votes, compared to McCain’s 159.  (A minimum of 270 is needed to win.)  A pandemonium of joy broke out in many places all around the country and around the world, with accompanying tears of happiness and disbelief. This was an astonishing turning point for Americans in electing their first African-American president, and in this case – a person of mixed race, whose mother was white, from Kansas and whose father was black, from Kenya. Although I had long predicted Obama as the victor, the magnitude of the moment was still overwhelming. [Update Nov. 6th: Obama has won North Carolina, as well as Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District, pushing him up to 365 Electoral College votes to McCain’s 173.  This total reflects 11 likely votes for McCain from Missouri, though the state is yet uncalled.  EH]Edith Hathaway on 2008 Presidential Election

Obama’s acceptance speech in Chicago’s Grant Park was historic for so many reasons, but for me – it was also a reminder of the study of nimittas, or omens in Vedic astrology, especially when they coincide with planetary cycles or important astrological markers. This is when images or events alert us to the underlying reality. As I contemplated the jubilant crowds at Grant Park in Chicago – where some 125,000 people were jammed into the space inside – what I saw was the power of new beginnings rising out of the melee of fraught endings. And I don’t just mean the obvious fraught ending of Bush’s intolerable presidency.

The exact same park where elated crowds cheered president-elect Barack Obama was also the site of some of the ugliest violence erupting in late August 1968 between police and protesters. (It occurred between Chicago’s Grant Park and Lincoln Park).  Unable to find representation from their own or any political party, at least 10,000 anti-Viet Nam war demonstrators came to Chicago, the site of the 1968 Democratic Convention. They were met, in turn, by 23,000 police and National Guardsmen. What happened to the Democratic Party in 1968 is relevant now, because on the night of Nov. 4, 2008, the election of Barack Obama also marked the end of the 28-year dominance of the Republican Party, reeling from the implosion of its own failed policies.

I have lectured since Feb. 9, 2008 and earlier about how 28-year Saturn cycles timed from the U.S. Election year cycle can be decisive in describing the dominance of one of the two major U.S. political parties over the other. When it lost the presidency to Richard Nixon in 1968, the Democratic Party had been the dominant political party for the major part of the previous 28 years, from 1940 – coinciding with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions.  Reeling not only from the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy in spring 1968 – but from the failure to nominate the candidate who had won the most primaries, Eugene McCarthy – the Democratic Party imploded. The party machine selected Hubert Humphrey, who had not entered a single primary contest, but who countered the anti-war candidacies of Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern.

On Sept. 27, 2008, the day after the first presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain, the USA entered a new 7-year Dasa (planetary period), the Mars dasa, signaling youthful vitality and innovation through trade and technology – probably more so than war. Even if Mars also symbolizes war, this is a nation and a world weary and financially drained by the Bush wars. Although both candidates claimed to break with the Status Quo, and both have natal Sun opposition Saturn to prove it, McCain’s claim could not and would not stick. He is too closely associated with the incumbent George W. Bush. From late Sept. 2008, Obama’s margin over McCain would never falter, and widened to where it was on Election Day. More than 133 million Americans voted yesterday, giving a mandate for progressive change. The sheer numbers of newly registered Democrats is not only a testament to the wildly successful Obama campaign, but to the start of a new party dominance, which Obama promises to make more about “democrats” everywhere than just members of the Democratic Party.

 Astrologically, we have to give enormous credit to Obama’s exalted Moon in Taurus receiving a close aspect from natal Jupiter, giving a calm, yet pragmatic temperament. (This factor dominates his chart, no matter what is the correct birth time.) Natal Jupiter in turn is situated in Capricorn, a disadvantaged position, raised up by discipline, hard work, and a deep sense of social responsibility from its contact with Saturn also in Capricorn. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of Feb. 18, 1961 would forever change the face of the world, having special status as the first Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in an earth sign in some 685 years.  But we had to wait a while for some of its fruits – that is, the people born with this conjunction, or with the conjunction preceding their birth. This time now marks the younger, post-racial, post Viet Nam War generation, where multi-culturism isn’t just a concept, but a way of life.  It hasn’t come a moment too soon.

Congratulations to Barack Obama and Joe Biden and to the Democratic Party. As an African-American, a tearful Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice today called Obama’s victory an "extraordinary step forward" for the nation, saying she is “especially proud” of Obama’s win.  Even President Bush rose to the occasion, as people around the world celebrated in unprecedented fashion to have back their more vaunted version of Americans and of the United States of America. 

Obama began his acceptance speech last night with these words:  "If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer.”

Footnote: This is for those who have asked about Obama’s personal safety. We know that for the USA to make the leap to an African-American president there may be threats on his life from those who cannot handle this new reality. Predictably, such threats increased sharply when Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin increased her attacks on Obama at her campaign rallies, linking him closely with “terrorists” and “traitors” and making statements already proven false or skewed. In short, they brought on the Bogeyman out of desperation to defeat the opposition and to avoid ceding power consolidated over more than 28 years. Beyond that, there are astrological patterns that can be misread. For instance, there is huge turbulence in the financial markets that could be mistaken for some other source of turbulence. Tr. Pluto will travel across the Galactic Center Dec. '08 and Jan.'09, after which tr. Pluto crosses the USA Ascendant at 8:59 Sagittarius in Feb. 2009. Pluto is massive restructuring, and is sometimes violent, but does not have to play out as the assassination of a president.

Those astrologers who predicted John McCain as winner may now be hedging by saying, well – yes, Obama was elected but he could also get killed. The point is that Obama's very election is revolutionary, as it shows the masses of people (Pluto) providing money and support to their candidate, enough so that he was able to defeat the preferred candidates of the corporatocracy (also Pluto) – Hillary Clinton and John McCain.  Obama is the one who represents the huge change, not so much even his Vice President Joe Biden, who is only assisting him and provides the needed breadth of experience in a support role.

So though we always have concern for the safety of a political figure or a presidential candidate - especially given some violent chapters in American history since the 1960s - we can also say (and I do say) that astrologically - this marks the end of a Republican Party dominant-era. With great sadness we recall the deaths of leading Democrats in the 1960s, culminating in 1968. But as it happened, their period of cyclical dominance was also coming to an end. Now in 2008, the much-touted policies of the Republicans come crashing down every day, and in the biggest way, not only in the U.S. but all around the world. The reputation of former Federal Reserve chairman (1987-2006) Alan Greenspan has even fallen hard.  This was a man whose every word, look or gesture was regarded with reverence, and studied for possible significance in the financial markets.  Now he finally admits the failure of his policies, especially those supporting de-regulated markets. On the day of the last Presidential debate Oct. 15, 2008, Republican icons Nancy Reagan and Dick Cheney were each admitted to the hospital. On Election day many Republican Congressional leaders lost their seats, and many Red states turned Blue for Obama. The politics of hate, divisiveness and discrimination, though not exclusive to Right Wing ideologies, was heated up by the McCain-Palin campaign.  But they were voted down on Nov. 4, 2008.

Astrological symbols have many layers, and can easily be misread. Attempted character assassination can resemble that of attempted physical assassination. But what we do have right now is the start of a new era in American government, propelled by strong leadership and strong support from the American people. Election day 2008 marks not only the end of a 28-year Republican-dominated era, but one greeted by people dancing in the streets all across the country and around the world – similar to the end of World War II. A flood of Republican defections to Obama preceded this election, even including General Colin Powell.  It marks the unmistakable downfall or weakening of the incumbent party’s leaders and policies, not the reverse. Many journalists, pundits and politicians have been speaking to this point. Journalist Joe Klein (on Charlie Rose on PBS, Friday, Oct. 24, 2008) says it again:  "I truly believe that we are at the raggedy-end of a Right Wing pendulum swing." 

Copyright  © 2008 Edith Hathaway. All rights reserved.

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