(1) Edith Hathaway on the 2008 presidential election

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This lecture was given in Santa Fe N.M., 9 August '08, prior to either party announcing their vice presidential candidate. [Read Edith's 22 Sep 08 written update here. This link and other updated links are listed on top of this page too.]

At the UAC (United Astrologer's Conference) held in Denver Colorado, mid- May '08, Edith Hathaway, along with six other astrologers, predicted that Edith Hathaway on 2008 electionObama would win the election. For the majority, this was predicated on the birth times of candidates that were being used at that moment, including that of Hillary R Clinton, who was still in the race. Some also said some 'shenanigans' might occur. Edith’s prediction focused more on Jupiter-Saturn cycles than birth times of candidates, though she also used those, as well as the Inauguration chart. With the exception of a political astrologer from Turkey, the panel included American astrologers from across the country. They were of different persuasions, and used various methods: Ancient, Traditional, Vedic, Western.

Recently, reading from the Political Astrology list I belong to, there have been quite a few astrologers predicting that Obama would not win. This concerned me (especially with all the Palin rah-rahhing going on in the media). I wrote my friend Edith and asked her if she was still predicting Obama now that she had his birth certificate time. She said she was. She said she had given a lecture on 9 August 08 discussing the election. Edith sent me the lecture and I asked if I could share that lecture here, and am thrilled she agreed. I needed to put out 'positive vibes'.

Edith has a track record. She predicted the Bush win in 2004, whereas others didn't believe 'she'd do such a thing' at the time...it seemed crazy to most that Bush could win again. (But she says she always aims to separate her preference from her predictive work, also a Vedic philosophical emphasis.) She said in early Feb '08 that Obama would win the nomination, way before his numbers went up. At that time Hillary appeared to be a shoo-in (remember that??). Of the known potential candidates for vice president she predicted Biden. She predicted Bill Clinton in 1992 and in 1996.  And she predicted Al Gore in 2000, with the caveat that he wouldn't win if the election battle went on past a certain date. Had she been using her current theory, she would have seen that the Republicans would have to hold on in 2000, just as the Democrats did in 1960 - for the last 8 years of their Saturn cycle domination. [See edith7 under Brief Summary, for a desciption of her way of inter-connecting the 28-year Saturn cycle and the U.S. Presidential Election cycle. bn].

Perhaps the thing that really stands out to me in Edith's lecture, is the discussion of the Inauguration chart. She discusses the main character of that day, describing the vice president as someone who will 'be in the background'. When I heard this I whooped and jumped all over the place. She said this before we knew of Palin, and there'd be no way that Palin would be 'in the background' at the inauguration (although she is very much in the background now, closely guarded as of this day 21 sep 08, as the campaign shields her from the media). She *has* said it is a Palin-McCain ticket, that isn't 'in the background' either.

Edith said this to me in an e-mail: "The fact that Palin resembles Bush even more than McCain, solidifies my points re the Jupiter-Saturn cycles. So does the fact that Obama didn't bend to the pressure to appoint Clinton as his VP, as the winning candidate cannot represent the dominant trends of the last 28 years - at least not in my view. Some are now saying Obama should replace Biden with Clinton as his VP - in order to counter the Palin threat. To me, it's the ongoing pressure to maintain the last dominant Saturn cycle, which doesn't want to give up its power and control. Who would? But perhaps Saturn gives up less gracefully than Jupiter, whose cycle is only 12 years."

Edith is a Vedic astrologer. She practiced Western tropical astrology for twelve years before transitioning to Vedic. The lecture presented here is to a 'general' audience. I as a western astrologer followed along easily (I've listened and relistened, the presentation goes by far too quickly and I want more.). I believe non- astrologers will be able to glean something from this presentation.

These are Edith's 'stats': She began her astrological studies in 1976, and her professional practice in 1980. Prior to her transition into Vedic astrology from 1988, she received NCGR's Level IV certification as Consulting Astrologer, Master Astro*Carto*Grapher certification from Jim Lewis, and in 1996 the Jyotish Kovid award from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences. A consultant, writer, teacher, and lecturer, she is also a Board member of the American College of Vedic Astrology and on its faculty since 1992. She lectured widely on the U.S. 2008 Presidential Election, with talks on Feb. 9, 2008 (CA), May 17 & May 20, 2008 (CO), and Aug. 9, 2008 (NM). She is currently writing a book on Vedic astrology.

See the Jupiter-Saturn Cycles Edith refers to in her lecture. See the chart data Edith referred to in her lecture. And, here's the U.S. Vedic chart Edith used.

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