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  These are some of my sites:
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This is the former homepage of this site. I still really love this picture, thus it is here as an example of my creative skills and not connected to a site.
This Feng Shui site utilizes music to enhance the site and convey its message.
This Feng Shui site, and the one above, demonstrate some of my artistic/creative abilities and show some of my original art.
This site utilizes the videocover the client is advertising for her homepage.  This site also shows a 'movie' of the type I could create for you (i.e. the downloadable trailer).  The animation of the model sketches is also an example of what I could create for you.
Prince's page is an example of my using a photograph that he wanted as his opening page. I can use a photograph you have, and if desired, I can "play" with it to enhance it or create something new with it. I can create a collage of pictures for you. Many sites have graphics that take time to download. Because I *know* graphics, your site will be a lot more efficient (faster) than most.You will note on Prince's site that there are a lot of relatively good sized pictures on one page, and yet they download quickly. This site also has original music on the home page.
This site uses a 'flash movie' to present many pictures in an interactive manner for the viewer. Flash movies can be done in other forms, and present a 'moving picture' or 'movie' that starts immediately, when downloaded. Also, on this site I'm especially pleased with the background which integrates the 'om' symbol.
 Free electronic Zodiac Cards:
(I've created the zodiac cards, not the site)
(click on "send a card" to get to the cards once you're there)
These cards are a few from the site:
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