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I am a creator of web-sights. I will do a site for you that is uniquely yours, a site that will be lovely to look at as well as communicating your message. It will "feel" harmonious. It will look like no other site you've ever seen. You will love it! People will love coming to your site.You will be very popular. :)

This is what I do:

These are explanations/examples of the above list:

Original art for your site: examples of home pages with original art can be seen on the home page of this site, and on my sights page. This painting is another example of my original art:


This self portrait is more of my original art. This piece was done with a 3-D program. All those trees (even the tiny ones in the background that you didn't notice :) I could move around. Once I had the trees, me, lion and fish in the positions I liked, I then took a picture of the image:


Original animations:
Me, blowing in the wind. 
(This was originally a still 
picture of me standing on 
a tree in front of water.)

(This needs time to download 
before it gets into full 
romping, stomping action). 
Be still my beating heart! 

Original movies:  an example is the trailer of Parker's video at The trailer was created with stills from the movie, although you will probably think it is moving.  Ahhhh, the magic of art!!

Original logos: as the one I've designed of myself on the bottom of this page.

Original backgrounds: as done on this site and the other sights listed.

Hire me quick for your very own sight!!  :)

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